Exists since 1990. Has been organised by group of composers, musicians, programmers and the sound producers working on the basis of the Office of electroacoustics and computer facilities of the M.P. Mousorgsky Ural State Conservatory (further the Office of electronic music).

Some time the Studio existed as informal creative collective into which the following persons have originally entered with: Sergey Litvinov (programmer), Vladimir Volkov (composer), Tatiana Komarova (composer), Sergey Sidelnikov (composer), Sergey Kotovskyi (sound producer) and Valery Galaktionov (pianist, composer).

Further the studio structure has replenished with new participants. In 1998 the Studio has found the official status (the director – Tatiana Komarova).

The primary goal of the Yekaterinburg Studio is development of electroacoustic music in Yekaterinburg and Ural region. The special attention is thus given to synthesis of electroacoustic music with multimedia elements.

The studio is focused also on creative and educational activity.

Creative activity of Studio is expressed in realisation of own projects, participation in projects of the Russian and foreign partners, the organisation and carrying out of concerts and festivals of electroacoustic music. Noncommercial projects in the field of electroacoustic music and multimedia are supported, too.

The close interrelation with the Ural State Conservatory in which walls the Yekaterinburg Studio long time carried out the activity, has allowed members of Studio to conduct the vigorous activity in educational sphere.

In 1996–2000 on the basis of Studio the educational concept of preparation of experts in the field of electronic and computer music (a technique, the curriculum and Position about additional specialisation “Electronic and computer music”, requirements to passage of a course and degree work, programs of training courses) has been developed .

Preparation of students and post-graduate students on additional specialisation also was conducted on technical base of Studio. Some of students had training additional preparation on a special course “Electronic and computer music” also have received additional qualification “The expert in the field of electronic and computer music”.

During the period with 1996 for 2004 there were Shamil Gajnetdinov (sound producer) Anna Tikhomirova (composer), Nadezhda Sumina (composer) and Yang Xiting (pianist, China) among them. Some of them have continued further the education in postgraduate study of the Ural State Conservatory on this specialisation.

The Yekaterinburg ElectroAcoustic Music Studio has constant contacts to the Russian both foreign studios and the centres of electroacoustic music. In March, 1992 the Studio was a part of the Russian Association of electroacoustic music (the president of Association – composer Edward Artemyev, the vice-president – composer Anatoly Kiselev). The studio closely co-operates with the Ural Center of musical technology (director – Vladimir Kuzmin, Yekaterinburg, Russia), the Theremin-Centre (director – Andrew Smirnov, Moscow, Russia). The Studio keep the creative relations with different foreign organization such as Institute of electroacoustic music (Bourges, France), Institute of electroacoustic music and acoustics (Graz, Austria), Institute of electronic music (Vienna, Austria). YEAMS also contacts with outstanding foreign composers. Among them there are professors: Jon Appleton (Bregman studio of the Dartmouth college, the USA), Richard Boulanger (Berkeley college, the USA), Dieter Kaufmann (University of Music and dramatic arts of Wien/Austria, Faculty of composition and electroacoustic) and others.


Komarova Tatiana Viktorovna – Director of the YEAMS

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