The International festival of electro-acoustic music and multimedia. (Moscow - Yekaterinburg)

19 - 21 May, 2002

Organizers: Moscow - the Theremin-Centre, Yekaterinburg - the Yekaterinburg ElectroAcoustic Music Studio.

Carrying out place in Yekaterinburg: the M.P. Moussorgsky Ural state conservatory.

Sponsors of Festival in Yekaterinburg:

The Austrian Cultural Forum - financing of arrival of foreign participants, Salon "Элиза" financing of arrival of foreign participants, the company InterMediacom - Organizational questions, granting of the channel of a satellite communication and the proceeding traffic, the Ural Center of musical technology - the concert device, the Information Educational-methodical centre of ORT - technical maintenance of lectures, the Municipal experimental centre of modern music and theatre at the M.P.Moussorgsky Ural state conservatory - technical maintenance of a concert.

The international festival ALTERMEDIUM is spent in Moscow since 2001 and is natural continuation and development of programs of electroacoustic music of the Theremin-Centre, regularly spent since 1994 within the limits of festival of new music “Alternative”. In 2002 the Theremin-Centre and the Yekaterinburg ElectroAcoustic Music Studio have decided to unite efforts for festival ALTERMEDIUM carrying out in two cities – Moscow and Yekaterinburg.

The main theme of festival - sound art. The basic directions - electroacoustic and computer music. The special attention is given to live, interactive forms of computer music, and also multimedia - to a combination of a sound, a visual image and a plasticity.

Theme in 2002 – “Well tempered noise” - continuation of the tradition originating in ideas and works of Russian and Italian futurists of the beginning of the XX-th century (“free music”, “Noise art”, “art of noise”), developed in early experiences of artists of abstract cinema (Walter Ruttman – “Cinema for ears” – “Cinema pour l’oreille), Pierre Sheffera's concrete music, studio electroacoustic music of the end of the XX-th century and, at last, live interactive music of beginning ХXI of a century.

Festival ALTERMEDIUM - 2002, - represents the joint creative action participation of musicians and media artists from several studios and the centres of electroacoustic music of the USA, Europe and Russia.

Participants of festival in Yekaterinburg