The International festival of electro-acoustic music and multimedia. (Moscow - Yekaterinburg)

Organizers of Festival: Moscow - the director of the Theremin-Centre A.I. Smirnov, Yekaterinburg – the director of the Yekaterinburg ElectroAcoustic Music Studio T.V. Komarova.

Carrying out place in Yekaterinburg: the M.P. Moussorgsky Ural state conservatory.

Festival ALTERMEDIUM.03 in Yekaterinburg is spent with support of the Ministry of culture of Sverdlovsk area.

Sponsors of Festival in Yekaterinburg:

The Austrian Cultural Forum, Salon Elise, the Ural Center of musical technology, the Information educationak-methodical centre of ORT

Theme of festival in 2003 - sound art. Electroacoustic music - the only thing in its sort a direction of musical art which owing to the nature is capable to operate with a sound on macro- and microlevel, doing a sound (both musical, and not musical) by the basic material of a composition and at the same time object of research of its structure and properties.

The basic directions ALTERMEDIUM.03 - electroacoustic and computer music. The special attention is given to live, interactive forms of computer music, and also multimedia - to a combination of a sound, a visual image and a plasticity.

Uniqueness of the program of festival - in representation interactivity more parts of compositions. Interactivity - in removal of studio processes on a concert platform and that the musical concept is created directly on a scene. Everything that occurs on a scene - is momentary, in one stage and cannot be precisely repeated twice.

Everything that is executed today, it is possible to hear only today and more never.

Originality of festival ALTERMEDIUM consists in it.

Originality of festival and that a prevailing part of its program are prime ministers. Participants of each next festival create the compositions specially to festival and directly ahead of its carrying out. It became tradition ALTERMEDIUM.

Festival ALTERMEDIUM.03 is a joint creative action of musicians and media artists from several studios and the centres of electroacoustic music of Europe and Russia. Musicians from Austria, Germany, Netherland, Russia have accepted participation.

Among them: E.Schimana (Institute of electroacoustic music, Graz, Austria), G.Gessart (Institute of electroacoustic music, Graz, Austria), Р Mollinder (the founder of sounding sculptures and interactive sound objects, England), B.Bukholts (theremin, Germany), group “Vyacheslav Kolejchuka's total theatre” (Performances combining a sound with experiences of plastic and graphic development of space), musicians from the Theremin-Centre (new technological workings out, Russia), composers from the Yekaterinburg EelectroAcoustic Music Studio (use in music of the unique technical devices developed by the Yekaterinburg engineers).

The guest of honour and a key figure of festival participation in its program of one of world electroacoustic music father, the founder of Institutes of electroacoustic music in Vienna and Graz (Austria) - Dieter Kaufmann became the Main event of festival.

Participants of festival