The Festival/Competition of Electroacoustic music and Multimedia,

dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of the Yekaterinburg ElectroAcoustic Music Studio

6 – 9 December, 2010 Yekaterinburg

The Yekaterinburg ElectroAcoustic Music Studio and the Yekaterinburg Music Hall, with the support of the Department of culture of the Yekaterinburg Administration and the  General consulate of the USA in Ekaterinburg, present the International Festival/Competition of Electroacoustic music and Multimedia >SYNC.2010 to be held in the period of 6-9 December 2010. The Festival/Competition >SYNC.2010 is held by the goal to reveal and demonstrate the most talented, artistically valued and highly technological products and projects, characterized by the professional use of technology and responding to aesthetic criteria of electroacoustic music. Another most salient goal of the project is the fostering of electroacoustic music as a discipline implemented in the curriculum of a higher music education. The theme of the Festival/Competition: Electroacoustic music as a sound art in the controlled multi-spatial and multimedia-aware environment.

The Festival/Competition >SYNC.2010 is to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Yekaterinburg ElectroAcoustic Music Studio. The Studio was founded in the fall of 1990 by the group of professional composers, performers, programmers, engineers and sound technicians. Since the very beginning of its existence the Studio’s activity has been focused on the development of electroacoustic music as the new direction of music in Yekaterinburg and around the Ural. The Yekaterinburg Studio regularly holds festivals and concerts of Russian and international electroacoustic music. Based on this activity the reputation of Yekaterinburg has been built as one of the leading centres of electroacoustic music in Russia – the status that was also recognized by our international colleagues. Amongst our major actions was the 1st Yekaterinburg Festival of electronic music (1992), which was the noticeable event within the Russian Federation and abroad. After this project the Studio had established collaborative connections with domestic and international organizations, such as Theremin-Center (Moscow), Bregman-studio of Dartmouth college (USA), Studio of Berkeley-college (USA), Institute of electroacoustic music of Graz (Austria) and others.