Festival for contemporary electroacoustic music, 1998

14 - 17 March, 1998

Organized by T.Komarova, head of Yekaterinburg ElectroAcoustic Music Studio

Organizational support: Urals State Conservatory, Urals State Variety Theatre.

Financial Support: 'Agat' – the Urals Gold-Platinum Company, newspaper ‘Iz Ruk V Ruki'

Technical support: ‘Maxima’ company, Urals Centre for musical technology and the Yekaterinburg branch of the Modern Humanitarian Institute.

Informational Support: ‘Telenedelya’, ‘ComputerMan’, SGTRK, ASV.

It was a joint action of composers from Yekaterinburg and Moscow organized with an aim to popularize the electroacoustic music direction in the Urals.

The program of the festival introduced the musical community of the city to the experiments of composers in the sphere of electroacoustic music as well as presented a wide range of events existing in this direction of musical art both in Russia and abroad. During the days of the Festival (March 13-17) there have taken place lectures on 'Musical Technology' (by A. Smirnov, director of Theremin-Centre, and Yu. Spitzyn, programmer, Moscow) that included auditions and video presentations. They invoked a great interest in the artistic, scientific and technical community of the city.

Lectures were delivered on:

  • Electroacoustic music: history, esthetics, concepts;
  • Elements of musical acoustic and psychoacoustics;
  • Review of sound synthesis methods;
  • Computers and MIDI Interface;
  • Developments in the sphere of musical technology: interactive devices and programmes (Thereminvox, PowerGlove, MAX Programme)

The Festival ended with an electroacoustic music concert (March 17, the Urals Regional Variety Theatre) in which the generic concept of this direction 'gave a persuasive sound'. In the program there co-existed pieces which were stylistically perceived as expressions of extreme esthetical positions within a united direction of electroacoustic music. At least the esthetics of Eduard Artemyev’s 'Vassara' (can conditionally be ranked as ‘academic electronic avant-garde’ utilizing traditional methods of composition technique such as melody and intonation alongside with purely electronic methods of weaving the musical fabric of a composition) and esthetics of Vladimir Nikolayev’s 'Valentina’s Night Songs' (a modern implementation of concrete music traditions) are events of a truly different order but still co-existing with the boundaries of one direction. It was probably due to such diversity that the direction of electroacoustic music received such a multifaceted representation. A new facet in this direction has been defined by Victor Uliyanich’s 'Star Wind of Cassiopeia'. It is a very interesting musical experiment in which music and computer graphic (graphic work by Olga Kumeger) exist in an inseparable unity. In general, in the most of the program scenic graphics and visualization elements have been thoroughly thought over: scenic light and plastic movements (T. Komarovas 'Reflections', 'Autumn Reverberations'), computer graphics (V. Volkov 'Grief of Mine', 'Shamantra'). All this has made the concert a multimedia one in the broad sense of the word.

An interactive composition ‘Bent Mirrors’ (A. Smirnov - theremin, Yu. Spitzyn - PowerGlove and programming in MAX, K. Adger - saxophone, clarinet) has become a true discovery for the Yekaterinburg public. For the first time in Yekaterinburg, the genre of interactive music and demonstration of developments in the sphere of musical technology were presented so impressively.

The festival of contemporary electroacoustic music has fairly completely presented the situation existing today in the sphere of electroacoustic music and gave the audience an opportunity to get to know 'classical' samples and new music in this direction.

In the program of the concert, the following was performed:

  • E. Artemyev. Vassara. Lyrics by S. Geda. Vocals by G. Jautokaite, violin part by T. Grindenko.
  • V. Volkov (Yekaterinburg). 'Grief of Mine'. Perf. By Peop. Art. of Russia Ye. Sapogova.
  • V. Volkov (Yekaterinburg). 'Shamantra'. Staging choreographer - B. Haley. Computer animation by V. Avraamov. Video design by A. Balin.
  • Sh. Gainetdinov (Yekaterinburg). 'He Will Come …'
  • T. Komarova (Yekaterinburg). 'Autumn Reverberation'. Lyrics by V. Luik. Vocals by T. Sasovskikh.
  • T. Komarova (Yekaterinburg). 'Reflections'. Ballet master Ye. Susanova.
  • Lee Tae Hee (South Korea). 'Allilang' Flute by P. Ugodnikova.
  • V. Nikolayev (Moscow). Valentina’s Night Songs
  • An interactive composition ‘Bent Mirrors’ (A. Smirnov - theremin, synthesizer; Yu. Spitzyn - PowerGlove, programming on Macintosh computer, K. Adger - saxophone Theremin Center (Moscow).
  •  V. Uliyanich (Moscow). ‘Star Wind of Cassiopeia’ (computer graphic by Olga Kumeger).


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Musicologist M. Mikhailova