Ecology of urban sound space


The modern city is filled with the noise of passing cars and trains, music, voices and hundreds of other sounds.

The soundscape of megacities is a problem that can be attributed today to the category of environmental problems.

The sound environment of a person in greater cities has undergone significant changes during XX centuries: this one has become much more aggressive towards a person putting daily versatile psychological pressure on him.

The increased stiffness of the sound environment was a result of the strengthening of urbanization of city life, on the one hand, and a powerful invasion into the surrounding sonic space aggressive sound artifacts, on the other.

Psychological discomfort can create not only the traffic noise and the sound of different mechanisms, but even sounds that are more harmonious in it's nature, including musical ones.

Annoying sound sources can be both the transport and industrial noises of the city mixing up with importunate audio advertising and and not normative speech are the result from general aggression in the megalopolis.

The sound space of the streets and squares of the city is densely filled with “sound wastes of human activity” and there is almost no place for natural sounds of nature - the rustling of leaves, the singing of birds, the sound of water.

The sound environment of the city can be for its inhabitants a constant source of stress, affecting not only the thinking and speech, but also on the psychological state of a person and, ultimately, on the overall health.

The following observation may indicate the degree of influence of the sound environment on a person: the researchers found that the speech of the modern average person today is much less diverse in the selection of words and the use of synonyms, as well as less expressive and rich from the intonational point of view.

The problem of the relationship between a person and his surrounding sound environment can rightly be classified as ecological problems.

Composers and media artists participating in the Festival program, treat the problem of ecology sonic space widely,considering this problem from the different points of view and representing a wide range of the phenomena.




3 December / Sunday 2017

Ural State M.P.Mussorgsky Conservatoire

The organizer: Yekaterinburg ElectroAcoustic Music Studio (YEAMS)


17:00 – 22.00


Group of media-artists of Yekaterinburg and Moscow (Denis Perevalov, Anastasia Krohaleva, Daria Kostina, Timur Babanin, Kuflex):

«The world is realized in the eyes of the living» (101-а, 1 fl.)

«Weaving of Sound» (101-б, the Foyer of the Conference Room of the Academic Council, 1 fl.)

«Communication is restored» (the Foyer of the Large Concert Hall)

Group of student (profile “Computer music and arrangement” (D.Khasbatov, A.Bubnova, A.Djachkova): multimedia-installation «Evolition» (the Foyer of the Large Concert Hall)

Photo-artist T.Schepotina (Saint-Peterburg): photo exibition “Reflection №1” (the Foyer of the Large Concert Hall)

N. Vostokova (Reutov): multimedia-project “Terrible anniversary: 50 years to global technogenic catastrophes”






1 part

Jon Appleton (USA). «San Fracisco Airport Rock»

Edison Denisov. Birdsong. Performers: Roman Tsypyshev – piano, Sergey Khodykin – violoncello)

Paul Botelho (USA). Cocotte.

Tatiana Komarova. Langsam Wasser (for tape and electronic instruments). Electronic instruments – author.

Artjom Semenov. Pollution gets me high. Performers: the laptop orchestra of the department of musical sound engineering: Artjom Semenov, Andrew Bokovikov, Vadim Petrov, Sergey Gilyov, Nikita Nikitin, Elena Gerasimova)

Yan Xiting (China) — Tatiana Komarova. “Modern Landscape”


2 part

Marat Khamatov. «What Mussorgsky heard on October 10, 2005???..»

Daniel Blikhorn (Australia). FrostbYte - chalk outline, multimedia project

Tatiana Komarova. RichtPunkt, multimedia project. Performers: Aleksey Zakharov - saxophone, Tatiana Komarova - electronic equipment

Roman Tsypyshev. Metaphysical Piece «…yes good instrument...» Performers: Roman Tsypyshev – vocal, flute, piano, harmonica; Sergey Khodykin – violoncello; instrumental ensemble: Tatiana Kurgaeva, Elena Volkova, Eugenia Fetisova, Elena Zueva, Julia Saifulmulukova, Pavel Tchigarskih.

Pavel Tchigarskih. “Impulse...”

Sergey Khodykin. “Grandpa's radio-pray” for tape, percussion instruments, violocello and piano.

The Composition devoted to Valery Khodykin. Performers: Roman Tsypyshev – piano and percussion instruments; Sergey Khodykin – violoncello.

Dead Crow Visions (Moscow). Multimedia Project Untitled.

Duration of the Concert – 2 hours 50 minutes

Concert sound engineers – Timophey Parkhomenko, Marat Khamatov

The technical equipment and concert sound – OOO “Company T.O.”