The International festival of electro-acoustic music and multimedia. (Moscow - Yekaterinburg)

19 - 21 May, 2002

Organizers: Moscow - the Theremin-Centre, Yekaterinburg - the Yekaterinburg ElectroAcoustic Music Studio.

Carrying out place in Yekaterinburg: the M.P. Moussorgsky Ural state conservatory.

Sponsors of Festival in Yekaterinburg:

The Austrian Cultural Forum - financing of arrival of foreign participants, Salon "Элиза" financing of arrival of foreign participants, the company InterMediacom - Organizational questions, granting of the channel of a satellite communication and the proceeding traffic, the Ural Center of musical technology - the concert device, the Information Educational-methodical centre of ORT - technical maintenance of lectures, the Municipal experimental centre of modern music and theatre at the M.P.Moussorgsky Ural state conservatory - technical maintenance of a concert.

The international festival ALTERMEDIUM is spent in Moscow since 2001 and is natural continuation and development of programs of electroacoustic music of the Theremin-Centre, regularly spent since 1994 within the limits of festival of new music “Alternative”. In 2002 the Theremin-Centre and the Yekaterinburg ElectroAcoustic Music Studio have decided to unite efforts for festival ALTERMEDIUM carrying out in two cities – Moscow and Yekaterinburg.

The main theme of festival - sound art. The basic directions - electroacoustic and computer music. The special attention is given to live, interactive forms of computer music, and also multimedia - to a combination of a sound, a visual image and a plasticity.

Theme in 2002 – “Well tempered noise” - continuation of the tradition originating in ideas and works of Russian and Italian futurists of the beginning of the XX-th century (“free music”, “Noise art”, “art of noise”), developed in early experiences of artists of abstract cinema (Walter Ruttman – “Cinema for ears” – “Cinema pour l’oreille), Pierre Sheffera's concrete music, studio electroacoustic music of the end of the XX-th century and, at last, live interactive music of beginning ХXI of a century.

Festival ALTERMEDIUM - 2002, - represents the joint creative action participation of musicians and media artists from several studios and the centres of electroacoustic music of the USA, Europe and Russia.

Participants of festival in Yekaterinburg:


Bregman Studio (Dartmouth College, USA) - is one of the oldest studios of electroacoustic music who is engaged in working out of new musical technologies by development and an educational direction in the field of electronic and computer music. Bregman Studio will be represents the director of studio, the professor of Dartmouth College – Jon Appleton. Jon Appleton works in the field of new musical technologies since 50th years of the XX-th century. Is the inventor of first digital synthesizer Synclavier and by right it is considered one of founding fathers of electronic music. Within more than 30th years is engaged in teaching of the disciplines connected with musical technology and an electroacoustic composition.


The institute for electroacoustic music of Gratz is represented by composers Elisabeth Schimana and Seppo Gruendler. Elisabeth Schimana - the councillor of directors of international Festival V:NM, the head of the Russian-Austrian Theremin-orchestra, the director of project Klangnetze.

Seppo Gruendler - the scientific employee and one of heads of Institute of electronic music (Graz, Austria),

Group “Alien productions” (association of media artists and musicians) in structure: Martin Breindl, Andrea Sodomka, Norbert Math.


The Russian Federation was presented by two studios:

Theremin-Centre (Moscow) - the centre of development of electroacoustic, computer music and multimedia, and also workings out in the field of musical technology. Carries out the activity since 1992 at the Moscow state conservatory of P.I.Chajkovskogo.

From the Theremin-Centre participate:

A.I.Smirnov, the director of the Theremin-Centre, the head of sector of electronic music of the Moscow state conservatory. The organizer of the Theremin-Centre, the author of several workings out, the participant of several foreign projects in sphere of computer music and multimedia.

Yu.V.Spitsyn, the engineer-programmer, the executor on PowerGlove and system KYMA.

The Yekaterinburg ElectroAcoustic Music Studio exists since 1990. Carries out the activity at the Ural state conservatory of M.P.Musorgsky and conducts creative and educational activity. The studio spends some festivals and concerts. Members of studio repeatedly participated in various Russian both foreign creative projects and actions.

T.V.Komarova, the director of studio, a member of the Union of composers of the Russian Federation, the senior lecturer of musical soundproducing chair (the Ural conservatory). The organizer of concerts and festivals 1995, 1997, 1998 (Festival of modern electroacoustic music), 2000 (10 years of electroacoustic music in the Ural). The participant of foreign projects in the field of electroacoustic music. Since 1990 teaches in the Ural conservatory the disciplines connected with studying of a new musical information technology. In 2000 has prepared 1st release of experts in the field of electronic and computer music. N.V.Sumina, the composer. A.B.Tihomirova, the composer.


Lectures and master classes of leading foreign and Russian experts: / themes of lectures are concentrated to questions of history and an aesthetics of electroacoustic music, and also problems of its synthesis with graphic art /

May, 19th / Sunday

  • 12.00 - Elisabeth Schimana (Institute of electronic music, Graz, Austria). Lecture: “From the Italian futurists to the digital “clics”.
  • 15.00 – Interactive press conference “Music. Technology. Multimedia”
  • 17.00 - Professor Jon Appleton (Dartmouth-college, the USA). Lecture: “Electroacoustic music: an aesthetics and a current state”.

May, 20th / Monday

  • 10.00 - Andrey Smirnov (the Theremin-centre, Moscow, Russia). Lecture: “Touch technologies in interactive music”
  • 12.00 - the Meeting with representatives groups Alien Productions (Austria). Project Alien City. Multimedia projects and problems of their realisation.
  • 14.00 - interactive press conference Yekaterinburg – Moscow – St.-Petersburg – Novosibirsk – Barnaul – Vladivostok (the Internet press centre of the Ural conservatory). Theme: “Music. Technology. Multimedia.”
  • 17.00 - a master class of professor Jon Appleton (Dartmouth-college, the USA).
  • 19.00 - video installation-performance Alien City. The project groups Alien Productions (Austria).

May, 21st / Tuesday

  • 10.00 - Yu.V.Spitsyn (the Theremin-centre, Moscow, Russia). Lecture: “System KYMA and programming of interactive systems”
  • 19.00 - a concert.

Interactive press conference “Music. Technology. Multimedia.” (Idea, the concept and the organisation – T.V.Komarova, leaders in Yekaterinburg – T.V.Komarova, A.V.Gorlov)

For the first time in the Ural conservatory, Yekaterinburg and Ural region the project of the interactive press conference which have connected for discussion of the important problems of the modern art of some cities has been realised: Yekaterinburg – Moscow – St.-Petersburg – Novosibirsk – Barnaul – Vladivostok.

Special weight and the importance presence and participation in it has given to this event authoritative foreign and Russian experts.

Press-Internet conference theme – “Music. Technology. Multimedia.” With such statement of a theme composers, musicians, media artists, the developers of the musical equipment who were taking part in conference, had an opportunity to exchange opinions on most pressing question of a direction of the art which is carrying out synthesis of music and visual components.

The basic questions of conference:

  • The major from the historical point of view of working out in the field of musical technology and their influence on modern technology;
  • Modern interactive musical technologies and prospects of their development;
  • Electroacoustic music today, its aesthetics and prospects, development problems;
  • Problems of multimedia art today, synthesis of visual arts and sound art in multimedia.


Comments to the concert program

Jon Appleton - Sheremetievo Airport Rock (2002)

Composition is created in the Theremin-centre specially for festival ALTERMEDIUM.02. At the heart of a composition - the sound material collected by the author in Moscow in April - May, 2002

The Great Score of Seppo Gruendler and Elisabeth Schimana (Austria), a drawing - Elizabeth Kopf (Austria). The composition is based on a historical context of electronic music. The material of the great score was developed in seven cities. It is created in each concrete place and executed according to base structure in the form of an hour concert in which the score of the base form has been transferred musicians for interpretation. During the seventh execution all previous material has been presented in a seven-hour composition. In the eighth execution all interpretations have been presented in places corresponding to them, but in virtual space. Seppo Grundler - guitars, analogue and digital tools. Elisabeth Schimana - a voice, theremin, analogue and digital tools. Elizabeth Kopf - design of a drawing, a photo.

Alien Productions. ALIEN CITY, video installation-performance: Martin Breindl , Norbert Math, Andrea Sodomka (Austria). Alien City is completely a virtual city in a cyberspace. Its sound and visual presence is made of the elements taken from various cities of the world, the various periods of time. The city is in a condition of the changing hybrid balancing on the verge of constant "between". Its form is a process continuous morhping all elements. This city can correspond to any city of the world or any of them; it could exist centuries or just arise. The project has been shown for the first time at festival "ARS ELECTRONICA" (Austria) in 1999.

Andrey СМИРНОВ - Correlations 1.0 (2002) for theremin-sensor controls and interactive system on the basis of MAX/MSP. Interactive performance. At the heart of performance - the interactive dynamic system including of two executors, movements and which plasticity are analyzed by means of theremin-sensor controls and the computer. Meta-language of dialogue is under construction on the analysis of correlations of plastic gesture, its subsequent interpretation in a musical, sound image-gesture

Yury Spitsyn - B-I-R-D-R-E-A-M for theremin and KYMA.

Tatyana Komarova - AncientSun for electronic tools and MIDI-controllers which operate in the different image them. AncientSun - the name of the basic timbre which has given rise to a composition and which is the basic sound material for transformations.

Nadezda Sumin - Diskordatura for a saxophone and tape. Saxophone improvisation is thought over and exists in strictly set conditions. She lives in the sound aura created from sounds of similar improvisation. Since any moment comes a “dual personality” and the saxophone starts to exist in two forms - a virtual saxophone (on a tape) and real (improvisation of the musician).