1st Electronic Music Festival in Yekaterinburg

20 April, 1992

Organized by the M.P.Moussorgski Urals State Conservatory and the ElectroAcoustic Music Studio.

Technical and organizational support: the Formanta Kachkanar Radio Factory and the Urals Centre for Musical Technology.

During this festival, following events took place:

  • a conference on the issues of musical technology, prepared by the Formanta Factory and Urals State Conservatory;
  • an exhibition of musical electronic equipment manufactured by Formanta Kachkanar Visualisation Radio Factory and Urals Centre for Musical Technology;
  • seminars and creative meetings;
  • a concert of electronic music.


Engineer Vladimir M. Kouzmin


Engineer Igor V. Fedoseev

The festival was crowned by a MIDI-concert at the hall of the Urals State Conservatory prepared by the Electroacoustic music studio (March 17, 1992). The organizers’ concept was that the MIDI concert would demonstrate not only the creative attainments of every participant but also the Studio’s idea of the concepts for electronic music (in its academic understanding) and the performance way of its presentation. The composers who prepared this program refused the form of ‘concert of records’. The participation of musicians – singers and instrument players – in the performance, real-time control of the authors performing the pieces over MIDI devices, elements of improvisation contributed to the ‘interactivity’ of the stage act.


MIDI-concert, 1992, USC, Yekaterinburg

Visualization of the concert program (lighting score, elements of choreography, plastic, i.e. a touch of theater in the stage act) allow to speak of a peculiar implementation of ‘multimedia’ principles (if ‘multimedia’ is understood as a combination of verbal and visual components). A combination of all elements created a bright spectacular effect, thus solving the issue of presenting electronic music to the public, on the one hand, and contact with audience, on the other hand.

In the program of the concert, pieces by Yekaterinburg composers were presented:

  • V.Volkov ('Marina’s Portrait', 'Lonely Flight over Eternity'),
  • T.Komarova (excerpts from the computer version of Euridice – opera by Yacopo Peri, 'The Look of the Virgin Mary'),
  • S.Sidelnikov ('Romancero'),
  • V.Galaktionov ('Software for the Heart' together with V.Volkov, 'Gravity'),
  • B.Rodygin ('Boeing-747’) etc.

Musicologist M. Mikhailova


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